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EVIRGEN | KARAMAN | SISDAG International Law and Consultancy Office is an independent and full-service law office that provides a wide range of high quality legal services to its local and international clients by easily adapting to the modern world and its changing conjuncture.

Our Expertise

EVIRGEN | KARAMAN | SISDAG is a consultancy, law and training office founded by three lawyers bringing their professional experiences and visions together. Our office continues to grow with firm steps in line with technology and the requirements of the era, adding new ones to its practice areas every day.

Our Philosophy

We understand that every legal issue has its own distinct nature. For this reason, in our office, every legal issue is resolved with great professional care and attention, and the boutique working principle is preserved while continuing to grow. Our office does not compromise on its reliable, up-to-date, client-oriented and quality service approach. With our experienced and devoted staff, high quality legal services are provided to local and foreign companies, institutions and individuals in Turkish, English and French.

Adalet Ölçeği
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